Welcome to the Temple Beth Torah (TBT) Seniors Schmooze group. We meet
on the 3rd Monday of each month at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM at the temple to discuss subjects
of general interest. A light lunch is provided. Our attendees include temple members and
non-members, men and women, usually over-50-years of age. We look forward to seeing
you at a future meeting. Check out our meeting schedule below. If you have questions,
comments or suggestions, call or e-mail.

David and Ronnie Pinkowitz
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TBT Seniors Schmooze Group
-- What: TBT Seniors Schmooze group
-- Who: TBT members and non-members usually over 50-years of age
-- Why: to educate, entertain and discuss
-- When: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on the 3rd Monday of each month (light lunch provided)
-- Where: at TBT
-- Schedule:
        -- Aug 2015: Iran Nuclear Accord: Like it or Not? (with Henry Montag and David Pinkowitz)
        -- Sept: Six (6) Types of Retirees; Which One are You? (with Stan Broitman, Marvin Broitman and David Pinkowitz)
        -- Oct: Using Facebook to Keep in Touch (with Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg and David Pinkowitz)
        -- Nov: Curriculum for Your Soul: Mussar Teachings (with Rabbi Susie Moskowitz, Robin Steinberg and DCP)
        -- Dec: Nutrition and Exercise (with Cantor Sarene Appelbaum, Arnold Schwartz and David Pinkowitz)
        -- Jan 2016: TBT closed.  Seniors Schmooze lunch at Bertucci's in Melville.  Cost is $10 pp.  Watch e-mail for details.
        -- Feb: CANCELLED: Creating a Photo Album in the Cloud (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz) 
        -- Mar: Creating a Photo Album in the Cloud (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz) Photo Album Instructions
        -- Apr: Investment Strategies for Seniors (with Lee Rosenberg, Ken Baer and Henry Montag)
        -- May: Hobbies That I Enjoy (with Hal Kopman, Paul Lieberman and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
        -- Jun: Vacations That I've Enjoyed (with Jeff Pomerantz, George Borsuk and Claire Leifer)
        -- Jul: Genealogy for Beginners (with Nina Sitron and Renee Steinig) 
        -- Aug: Personal Growth for Seniors (with Elaine Kleinmann)
        -- Sept: Tour and Film at Glen Cove Holocaust Museum
        -- Oct: TBT CLOSED. Seniors Schmooze lunch at Bertucci's in Melville. Cost is $10 pp. Watch e-mail for details.
        -- Nov: Dishes That I Enjoy Preparing . . and Eating (with Judy Roth and Lori Pomerantz)
        -- Dec: Tips & Tricks for Using Your Smartphone More Effectively (with Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg and DCP)
        -- Jan: TBT CLOSED . . Family Caregiving (with Sharon Reichman) at Bertucci's ($10 pp cost) (Watch e-mail for details)
        -- Mar: My Daily Workout Program for Seniors (with Arnie Schwartz)
        -- May: Wealth Management Case Studies (with Lee Rosenberg and Henry Montag)
        -- Jun: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren and Helping Your Children (with David and Ronnie)
        -- July: Current Events (with David Pinkowitz)
        -- Aug 21: Restaurants That I've Enjoyed (with David & Ronnie Pinkowitz)
        -- Sept 18: Vacations That I've Enjoyed (with TBD and TBD)
        -- Oct 16: Books That I've Enjoyed (with TBD and TBD)
        -- Nov 20: Mind and Body Health (with TBD and TBD)
        -- Dec 18: Anti-Semitism on College Campuses (with David Pinkowitz and Sandy Berland)