President’s Message

Oct 2014-b Kol Nidre – (Berland)

Good Yontif – and Tzom Kal – an easy fast.

Did you read the “Elul” stories that Rabbi Moskowitz emailed to the Congregation daily in the month leading up to the New Year? These were very personal stories from congregants, many of them from childhood, each a reminiscence about the high holidays and their emotional reverberations. Each was wonderfully unique, touching and illuminating. We each have our own backstory. But what struck me and, I think, everyone who read them was how familiar they seemed. That despite our differences, despite how far we individually may have come, we’ve all emerged from common ground, our roots entwined in so many ways.

Look at how many people are here tonight. There will be at least twice as many tomorrow – three times as many when you include the family service.. I think that we, collectively and individually, understand that we are part of a cherished, ages-old community of shared values and beliefs, and that we are coming together now, as we do (at least) every year – and many of us much more often than that – to assert our membership in that community and to receive nourishment from it. Atonement, yes, but nourishment, too. It’s our community.

Unfortunately, the Jewish community at large is increasingly at risk. And we need to do our part in addressing that risk.

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