President’s Message

Mar 2015 The Arc – (Berland)

First, a deep and sincere thank you, once again, to everyone who responded to this year’s Kol Nidre Appeal. Temple dues and fees cover only a portion of our expenses; for the rest, we depend on the generosity of our Congregants. Without your support, we simply would not be able to provide the many programs and services that play such an important part in the lives of our members and which make our Temple such a special place. We’re a place for worship, education, cultural experiences, socializing, community action, fun and enlightenment. A place where kids, teens, parents, grandparents and extended families and friends celebrate their most important life cycle events and achievements. And a place for comfort and solace in time of loss. Again, thank you for your Kol Nidre contribution and please join us not only for our upcoming fundraisers – all of them truly fun events that also bring with them the personal fulfillment and satisfaction of tzedakah (our March 7 “Mardi Gras” – themed, pre-Purim Casino Night is a great example) – but also for the many other events, programs, special dinners and activities we have planned in the coming months – and, of course, for our very special Shabbat and holiday services.

Second, we invite you to become involved – and if you’re already involved, even more involved – in the operation and governance of our congregation. Start out by joining a committee – there’s a list on our website, or you can call me or any of our other officers and Board members. Head a committee. Form a new committee. Help organize an activity. Share your ideas. Attend our Board meetings – they’re open to all congregants and are normally held on the fourth Monday of each month, starting at 7:30 PM. (Check the Temple’s website,, for any changes, and contact the office in person or by phone – (631) 643-1200 ext. 2 – to obtain a copy of the monthly agenda.) Help make our Temple community even more vibrant, exciting and welcoming.

We want YOU!


PS: We’re always looking for help creating and improving each issue of the ARC and keeping our website current, attractive and effective. Contact Robin or David Pinkowitz, our Website Editor –- go to “Contact Us” on our website.