— Mar 2016: Creating a Photo Album in the Cloud (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz) Photo Album Instructions
— Apr 2016: Investment Strategies for Seniors (with Lee Rosenberg, Ken Baer and Henry Montag)
— May 2016: Hobbies That I Enjoy (with Hal Kopman, Paul Lieberman and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
— Jun 2016: Vacations That I’ve Enjoyed (with Jeff Pomerantz, George Borsuk and Claire Leifer)
— Jul 2016: Genealogy for Beginners (with Nina Sitron and Renee Steinig)
— Aug 2016: Personal Growth for Seniors (with Elaine Kleinmann)
— Sept 2016: Tour and Film at Glen Cove Holocaust Museum
— Nov 2016: Dishes That I Enjoy Preparing . . and Eating (with Judy Roth and Lori Pomerantz)
— Dec 2016: Tips & Tricks for Using Your Smartphone More Effectively (with Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg and DCP)