— Mar 2018: Israel Current Events (with Rafi Weiss, MD and FSC Lecturer)
— Apr 2018: Safety Awareness for Seniors (with SCPD Officer Claudia Delgado)
— May 2018: Films That I’ve Enjoyed (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
— Jun 2018: News 12 Studio Tour (Woodbury)
— Jun 2018: Holocaust Survival Story (with Alex Konstantyn)
— July 2018: Humorous Personal Stories (with Rich Lyons and David Pinkowitz)
— Aug 2018: Israel Current Events (with David Pinkowitz and Rich Lyons)
— Sept 2018: Antisemitism-on-Campus Film: Crossing the Line 2 (with David Pinkowitz)
— Oct 2018: Simon Wiesenthal Center NYC Director on Antisemitism (with Michael Cohen)
— Nov 2018: Farmingdale College Lifelong Learning (with Mary Ellen Lostrito)
— Dec 2018: Holocaust Survivor Film: Joe’s Violin (with David Pinkowitz)