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The following is a brief explanation of Temple Beth Torah Funds

The following funds are devoted to the continuing expansion of Temple Beth Torah:

BRICK ON THE PATH TO OUR FUTURE: A donation of $360 to purchase a brick on the path leading to the Harriet and John L. Wolf Learning Center . Specifics dealing with the wording of the bricks will be explained upon query.

MEMORIAL PLAQUE ON THE WALL OF REMEMBERANCE: A donation of $720 to purchase a memorial plaque in the patio area of the Harriet and John L. Wolf Learning Center . Specifics dealing with the wording of the plaques will be explained upon query.

The following funds help to maintain and enrich specific areas and needs within Temple Beth Torah:

DAVID JOSHUA BERG EARLY LEARNING CENTER FUND: To enhance the Early Learning Center Program.
RABBI SUSIE HENESON MOSKOWITZ URJ CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND:  To enable us to help send our TBT kids at URJ Eisner and Crane Lake and Six Points Camps
AURA MILICH MEMORIAL FUND FOR LEARNING DISABLED CHILDREN: To benefit and enhance the education of Jewish children at TBT with special needs.
CHOIR FUND: To enhance the musical performance of our choir through the added use of music, visiting performers, equipment and attire.
CULTURAL ARTS FUND: To enhance the Jewish Cultural experiences available to and by our congregation.
EDUCATIONAL ENRICHMENT FUND: To enable the purchase of major equipment to enhance learning as well as provide funding for conclaves, Reform Jewish camps and programming to benefit the Religious School.
EIGHTH STEP FUND: To enable Temple Beth Torah to provide charitable aid to Jewish and secular charities.

: To subsidize student educational experiences in Israel for those TBT students who have been confirmed and are participating in summer long trips or semester trips by a recognized Jewish organization.

Within this fund are two special alternatives:
The Alice Freedman Scholarship Fund.
The Saul T. and Rose P. Slater Scholarship Fund.

PRAYER BOOK FUND: To purchase prayer books for TBT.
RITUAL JUDAICA FUND: To purchase and maintain items and programs which the Congregation might need for the celebration of holidays, Shabbat and life cycle events.
TORAH FUND: To purchase and maintain Torah scrolls.
TEMPLE LOVING CARE (TLC) CARING COMMUNITY FUND: To enable us to provide meals for shut-ins and during medical situations.
JEFFREY ZUKERMAN MEMORIAL YOUTH GROUP FUND: To purchase and maintain furniture and equipment and fund programming for the youth programs of TBT.
PRAYER BOOK PURCHASE FUND: To purchase individual prayer books which are individually inscribed and then placed in the sanctuary. This donation is $36.00.
MEMORIAL PLAQUE: A brass plaque in memory of a loved one placed in the Sanctuary on the memorial boards. Member Fee $360. Non-Member Fee $460.
WYANDANCH FUND: To help fund summer programs and provide uniforms and equipment for children in the Wyandanch area.
ANNIVERSARY FUND: Funds from this account support Temple Beth Torah and honor your wedding anniversary or the anniversary of your loved ones.
YAHRZEIT FUND: To enable the honoring of loved ones upon the anniversary of their passing.

All checks to the before-mentioned funds are made directly to Temple Beth Torah.
Please print & fill out a donation form and make a notation of the desired fund on the face of the check.

Congregants often question the best way to honor life cycle events and/or indicate their gratitude toward the Clergy for their participation in those rites of passage.

If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable directly to the individual fund. Separate checks, please.

 These funds support charitable projects both within and outside of Temple Beth Torah.

TREE OF LIFE/SANCTUARY SEAT: A donation of $3,600, often made to memorialize a loved one or celebrate a life cycle event, will purchase a seat in the Sanctuary or a leaf on The Tree of Life.


“PATRON” LEVEL $30,000
“DONOR” LEVEL $10,000

For more information, please contact the office at 631-643-1200