Temple Beth Torah Rates & Benefits

We have moved from a traditional dues model to a partnership. Now it’s up to you to decide your level of financial commitment to your synagogue.

The COMMITMENT TO GIVING model creates tiers which enable you to determine the appropriate contribution towards the overall costs of Temple Beth Torah. Aside from the necessary tuition for Religious and Nursery School, it costs approximately $1.35 Million to fund your temple. The Sustaining Level of $2,900 represents the “fair share” of these costs per family. Commitments of $2,900 and above include the Security Fee and various added benefits as our way of thanking you and recognizing your compassion and generosity. 


Lifetime Membership*  $50,000 

One-Time Commitment, Tickets to Galas, Events*, HH Parking, Gift Membership, Security Fee, Shabbat Dinners, Plaque

 Visionary  $10,000 

Tickets to Galas, Events*, HH Parking, Gift Membership,
Security Fee, Shabbat Dinners

 Torch Bearer  $5,000  Includes Shabbat Dinners, Security Fee, Tickets to all Galas, Events and yearly listing on the Rabbi’s Circle Scroll of Recognition.
 Shamash  $3,600 

Tickets to Galas, Events*, HH Parking, Gift Membership,
Security Fee, Shabbat Dinners

 Menorah (Sustaining Level)  $2,900  Shabbat Dinners and Security Fee.
 Ner Tamid   $2,450 + Security Fee
 Flame  $1,950 + Security Fee
 Candle $1,500 + Security Fee

Not Available for Members With Children 3rd – 7th Grade

Voluntary Family

$_____ + Security Fee

Only Available for Families With Children Up Through 2nd Grade

Voluntary Young Adults $_____ + Security Fee

Only Available for Adults Under 36 Years Old Without Children

Financial Consideration Need-based + Security Fee  

2021-22 Security Fee $250

*Certain event exclusions may apply

Additional Fees:

  • Tuition for the David Joshua Berg Early Learning Center (ELC) and Religious School  
  • Extra High Holiday tickets for extended family members 
  • Building Fund for new members
  • B’nei Mitzvah fees

VOLUNTARY PLEDGE MEMBERSHIP for all families whose eldest child has not yet entered third grade. Temple Beth Torah is an integral part of our Jewish community and it is our desire to create a relationship with young Jewish families like yours.  In our efforts to do this, Temple Beth Torah has instituted an exciting Voluntary Pledge system in lieu of standard dues. If you are currently a member under this new program, thank you for your continued support.  We want you all to be a part of Temple Beth Torah, and you will now become full members of TBT with all of the associated benefits.

Membership through this program means that you have the same benefits as all temple members including High Holiday tickets, Adult and Children’s services and the ability to purchase High Holiday tickets for extended family. You also have access to our clergy for lifecycle events, i.e. weddings, baby namings, funerals and counseling. Additionally, you will receive member rates for all temple events. We are asking you to pledge whatever you can and are comfortable with in order to be a Voluntary Pledge Member.  If you can pledge $360, $540 or $1,000 or more, that would be great.  If you can only comfortably afford less, that is fine too. All we ask is that you make a monetary pledge and commit to supporting your community at Temple Beth Torah.  Our pledge to you: Commitment to supporting your family!

For more information call 631-643-1200 or 
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Membership Director

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Contact us at:

Temple Beth Torah
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