ECE Summer Program

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David Joshua Berg Summer Program
Where is the best place for your child to be next summer? Right here at Temple Beth Torah’s Summer Program! Here is why…


  • Temple Beth Torah offers a wonderful, small camp setting designed to meet the needs of the young child and prepare them for the larger day camp and sleep away experience as they get older.
  • Temple Beth Torah Summer Program caters to Early Learning Center age children. We provide a safe, self-contained surrounding where your child will be secure and quickly adapt.
  • Our equipment, facilities and activities are designed expressly for children of this age. We are not a big camp scaled down for younger children.
  • Our Summer Program provides an especially easy transition for the children already familiar with our Nursery School and those joining us in September.
  • Camp programming offers a variety of experiences to make the children feel good about themselves while enjoying age appropriate outdoor and indoor activities. Our staff consists of experienced group leaders and counselors familiar with the needs and abilities of your children.
  • When thinking about Summer – look no further than the place your child has come to love – The David Joshua Berg Early Learning Center Summer Program – the place that feels like home!

Please come in and talk to me about the exciting summer experience we can offer your child!