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TBT Monday Mitzvah Mandell

Ella Mandell is an incoming fourth grader at Sunquam Elementary School. She is involved in so many mitzvah projects that it’s hard to count them all! While watching a YouTube video, Ella learned that she could donate her hair to Locks of Love and Pantene for children who lost their own due to health reasons.

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Help Needy families on Long Island!
The Long Island Coalition for the homeless is in need of many items

As we continue to assist the homeless population throughout Long Island, we are asking for your assistance with this endeavor. This pandemic has been overwhelming for all of us but extremely devastating for those that do not have homes or resources and sometimes families. The Long Island Coalition for the homeless is in need of many items, please help.

Launching Temple Covid Fund - Phase II


Congratulations Temple Beth Torah for your tremendous support!  In Phase I, we raised and distributed $3,800. We served delicious lunches to first responders, helped Temple members affected by the Virus, and donated food and money to worthy charities. 

We now need your help once more, as people on Long Island are still desperately in need. For the past 30 years, we have partnered with the Gerald Ryan Center on many notable projects, among them the The Wyandanch summer camp.

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